Cheap costume jewelry doesn’t have to look cheap!

I don’t think there’s a woman alive who doesn’t love jewelry. We all have a few good pieces, but those precious gems and 24-karat gold are pricey. Besides, we don’t want to wear a diamond tennis bracelet to work and lose it on the metro! However, jewelry is the icing on the cake of any outfit. Costume jewelry is the solution for every day wear. Now, different women have different ideas about differentiating costume jewelry and cheap costume jewelry. There’s cheap, as in cheaply made and then there’s cheap, as in inexpensive. It’s the inexpensive type of cheap costume jewelry we’re after. The less you have to spend, the more jewelry you can have for those every day occasions. Here we have several suggestions on how to fill out your inexpensive cheap jewelry wardrobe, with fabulous looks.

Ethnic fashions are in vogue now and ethnic clothing shops are springing up all over, both online and downtown. These clothing shops always carry a line of ethnic jewelry to pair with their lineup of clothing. Typically, ethnic jewelry is not made of precious stones, or expensive metals. Here, you’ll find handmade costume jewelry made of local materials, with beads, jute, semi-precious stones or just plain glass. The price tag says this is cheap costume jewelry, but it looks lovely and unusual.

Craft fairs are great sources of cheap costume jewelry. Lots of costume jewelry designers rent booths at these craft fairs, bringing all of their inventory with them. Most of these designers don’t even have a shop, so they can sell their jewelry at a much better price than you’d pay in a shop at the mall. They work out of their homes, making handmade jewelry which is often one of a kind. If you make the rounds at the craft fairs, you don’t need a big budget to pick up several nice pieces of the inexpensive, but cheap jewelry.

Thrift shops are another terrific place to shop for cheap costume jewelry. Many of the items you’ll find are retro pieces, some dating back many decades. The thrift shop finds may remind you of your Grandma’s jewelry case, with stylish designs that are inexpensive and now trendy additions to your jewelry box.

Online costume jewelry shops are another resource for cheap costume jewelry. Like the craft fair jewelry makers, their overhead is minimal, so you’ll find innovative designs at a good price. Check out the online ethnic shops too.

Our suggestions wouldn’t be complete without pointing you to eBay. While you can find diamond rings, the largest selection is in cheap costume jewelry of the inexpensive type. Much of the collections are retro pieces, usually one of a kind. If you’re a smart bidder, you can find some exciting pieces to add to your collection. This is a huge market, so if you scan the shops every day, you’re sure to find some fabulous and yet cheap costume jewelry.

After browsing all of these resources, you may be inspired to make your own costume jewelry pieces. Sign up for a junior college or community class and learn to design and make your own jewelry!

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