How To Make A Simple DIY Jewelry Frame

How To Make A Simple DIY Jewelry Frame

DIY time! I was browsing through the archives of the blog when I realized how long it’s been since I’ve posted a DIY tutorial.
I made this jewelry frame that holds my bracelets and necklaces on a random summer’s day last year and was a bit confused when I noticed I had never showed it on here before. This DIY is super easy and takes about 30 minutes if you’re not painting the frame!
What you’ll need:
  • A wooden picture frame
  • Paint (optional)
  • (square) screw hooks – choose as many as you want in the frame
  • a ruler
  • a pencil
  • a hammer

Let’s get started!

1- Remove everything in the middle of the picture frame so you’re left with the wooden border. You won’t need the glass or back cover for this DIY.

2- Fold the clips that held the picture in place – you know, those tiny ones at the back – so they are no longer be visible.

3- If you want, you can now paint the frame any colour you like. I chose not to because I already liked how the frame looked when I got it! Make sure to let the paint dry long enough before heading to the next step.

4- Once the paint has dried, measure and draw dots where you want the screw hooks to go. To give you a rough idea, I went for 7 cm between each hook in the horizontal row.

5- The final step is to screw in the hooks! Here’s where you might need the hammer in case the material of the frame isn’t soft enough.And that’s it!

This DIY is simple, but so much fun. There are dozens of variations to it, in shape, placement, materials. I’ve seen people make a jewelry holder with lace, rope, cork, …

The Advantages of Artisan Jewelry

The Advantages of Artisan Jewelry

A collection of eclectic and ethnic artisan jewelry fills out your jewelry box at an economical price!

Diamond tennis bracelets and emerald earrings with a matching pendant are probably not on many birthday or Valentine’s shopping lists this year. If you’re looking for some new jewelry, here’s a new, more affordable way to add to your jewelry collection. If you’re not familiar with the eclectic and ethnic artisan jewelry,you should go take a look. You’ll find the most interesting and lovely pieces at a fraction of the price of that diamond tennis bracelet. Artisan jewelry is handmade by individual artists who create unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry at relatively inexpensive prices.

So where do you find this handcrafted jewelry? Easy enough. Go to any of the crafts fairs to find at least a half dozen booths featuring artisan jewelry. You can meet the person who made the jewelry too. They’re always happy to answer any questions you may have with respect to techniques, construction and stones used in any particular piece that catches your eye. Artisan jewelers live and breathe their craft, and are proud of their workmanship. Another good source of this type of jewelry is the small shops which stock unusual, upscale, ethnic jewelry and clothing.

Many other exciting possibilities await you online. Do an image search on Google – a search on ‘artisan jewelry’ turns up about 175,000 images, while ‘ethnic jewelry’ brings almost 240,000 images for you to browse. Some of these pieces are truly knockouts. Scroll through the images until you find a look or style you love – it won’t take long! Then, just click through to the site and scout out what other items they have to offer. You’ll probably find more items than you can afford at one time, so bookmark your favorite sites …

How To make A Beaded Egg Pattern

How To make A Beaded Egg Pattern

For this pattern I have used polystyrene eggs as you can use pins to pull your beading down over the egg as you go. This helps to create a nice tight net of beads and it will make life much easier if you are relatively new to beading.  However you could use a wooden egg or a real egg that has been blown – it is entirely up to you.

Please bear in mind that you may need to adjust these instructions slightly to get the best fit for your egg as the pattern is dependent on both the size of egg you use and the size of the beads.

In the photo above you can see 3 beaded eggs. The main instructions I am giving here are for the lilac egg. This is covered with a combination of beaded netting and square stitch. The green egg was my prototype and is very similar to the lilac one except that the square stitch has been used on every other block of pattern.

The yellow egg follows the same principle except that the square stitch has been omitted entirely. These beaded eggs illustrate the different effects you can get from varying the same basic pattern and I encourage you to have a go at your own version.

Lilac beaded egg


1 polystyrene egg (or egg of your choice)- I have painted mine first using ordinary household acrylic paint from a match pot (like you get in the DIY shop)approx. 10g size 11/0 seed beads in colour

A) Approx. 10g size 11/0 seed beads in colour

B) approx. 10g size 8/0 seed beads in colour

C)suitable thread such as Nymo beading needle pins (if you want to pin your beading over the egg as you go)

Step 1 Top of the …

15 Simple Steps To Repair Broken Pearl Jewellery

15 Simple Steps To Repair Broken Pearl Jewellery

The sensitive nature of the pearl necklace causes it to be susceptible in order to breaking whilst wearing this. If your own pearl pendant breaks, consider fixing it yourself before you decide to take it to some jeweler except for emergency repairs.

Whether you have to replace the broken clasp or restring the actual pearls, you should be able to repair this yourself if you know the basics.


1. Substitute Broken Clasp: Cut the actual knot from the thread between your broken clasp and also the closest gem. Discard the broken clasp.

2. Take away the pearl closest the clasp. Check to ensure the string is looks balanced after getting rid of the gem. Cut the actual thread, if necessary.

3. Tie a typical double knot securely using the thread in which the new clasp is going to be attached. Fray the end of the  thread on the exterior of the actual knot.

4. Place a dab of super glue about the tip of the frayed line. Put the actual crimp bead connector within the super glue as well as squeeze this tight while using pliers. Hold in position for thirty seconds, then put aside to dry for just one hour.

5. Open the actual diamond ring wide enough in order that it can fit within the connector, after that attach this.

6. Attach the actual clasp towards the jump diamond ring. Grasp the actual jump ring using the pliers as well as gently however firmly press the diamond ring together till it shuts completely.

Restring Pearls

7. Take away the clasp as well as pearls in the broken chain. Set the pearls aside within the same order these were removed.

8. Cut a bit of thread inside a color because close as you possibly can to that from …

The Different Kinds of Gemstones

The Different Kinds of Gemstones

Designing or buying jewelry could be both thrilling and educational. With a multitude of styles, colours and characteristics available, adding coloured stones for your jewelry items is a terrific way to add immediate style. You should consider the actual wearer’s individual color choices before purchasing a jewellery stone.

To make it much more interesting, most of the stones are recognized to bring particular qualities towards the wearer.

Sapphire· While the primary color from the sapphire is actually blue, they perform come in a number of colors such as yellow, red and lemon. The azure sapphire, nevertheless, is probably the most requested. Blue sapphires happen to be known to vary from a really dark as well as deep blue to some light, airy azure. This gemstone is famous for it’s hardness as well as durability, that makes it extremely simple to care with regard to. Sapphire is among the most well-liked jewelry gemstones, particularly among engagement bands. For several years, sapphires happen to be said in order to symbolize devotion and believe in.

Ruby· Ruby is easily distinguished through its bright red colorization and gleaming luster. The colour of the ruby will vary from bright red to some purplish-red to some dark reddish-brown. Their outstanding hardness can make them really simple to take care of, although they may be damaged along with rough dealing with. The ruby is usually associated along with love, enthusiasm and energy. It can also be the birthstone associated with July.

Aquamarine· Aquamarine had been named following the Latin expression “water from the sea, ” because of its light blue-green colour. It is really a somewhat typical and inexpensive gem, even though it is occasionally mistaken with regard to light azure topaz, that is less useful. Aquamarine gemstones in many cases are completely perfect, and they’re a …

Cheap costume jewelry doesn’t have to look cheap!

Cheap costume jewelry doesn’t have to look cheap!

I don’t think there’s a woman alive who doesn’t love jewelry. We all have a few good pieces, but those precious gems and 24-karat gold are pricey. Besides, we don’t want to wear a diamond tennis bracelet to work and lose it on the metro! However, jewelry is the icing on the cake of any outfit. Costume jewelry is the solution for every day wear. Now, different women have different ideas about differentiating costume jewelry and cheap costume jewelry. There’s cheap, as in cheaply made and then there’s cheap, as in inexpensive. It’s the inexpensive type of cheap costume jewelry we’re after. The less you have to spend, the more jewelry you can have for those every day occasions. Here we have several suggestions on how to fill out your inexpensive cheap jewelry wardrobe, with fabulous looks.

Ethnic fashions are in vogue now and ethnic clothing shops are springing up all over, both online and downtown. These clothing shops always carry a line of ethnic jewelry to pair with their lineup of clothing. Typically, ethnic jewelry is not made of precious stones, or expensive metals. Here, you’ll find handmade costume jewelry made of local materials, with beads, jute, semi-precious stones or just plain glass. The price tag says this is cheap costume jewelry, but it looks lovely and unusual.

Craft fairs are great sources of cheap costume jewelry. Lots of costume jewelry designers rent booths at these craft fairs, bringing all of their inventory with them. Most of these designers don’t even have a shop, so they can sell their jewelry at a much better price than you’d pay in a shop at the mall. They work out of their homes, making handmade jewelry which is often one of a kind. If you make the rounds at the craft fairs, …

Just Found Out The Value of Promotional Advertising!

We’ve no doubt that every business owner, at some point, will wonder about how things might go if they were to choose to put some free gifts out there for their customers as promotional advertising. And, so with this thought in mind, we have recently embarked on a bit of a marketing charm offensive. The good thing about this form of advertising, it tturns out, is that its actually relatively inexpensive. Of course. those little gifts and souvenirs cost money and we certainly weren’t about to give away any of our diamond jewelry!! But, the big question was how were we to know whether it would actually work or not? After all, putting money out like this could put you on an expressway to the poorhouse if you’re not careful.

Well, after a bit of research and some great advice from our friends at Ashgrove Trading we discovered that there are actually several things you need to make sure of before you embark on any promotional advertising campaign. Some of these are really simple rules, and others require a bit more getting used to.

A lot of businesses will actually, it turns out, according to their advice, get caught up in the promotional advertising thing when it’s time to place an order for stuff. They will go right ahead and order 3000 promotional mugs, for example  with the company name emblazoned on them. Unfortunately, they don’t realize how much trouble it is giving them out to the right people so that the gifts will make a difference.

After they’ve finished handing 60 or 70 of them out, they get fed up. And the other 2930 mugs just sit there in some backroom in the company. One day, they’ll just hand them out to whoever will take them. Of course, …

What Are The Different Types of Diamonds?

There are so many types of diamonds, the choice could drive you crazy. The colorless ones are known as white diamonds, while other types are green, blue, red, orange, yellow, and brown. They vary in quality, and thence, in price. You want a necklace for your daughter’s wedding, just choose your pick… but of course, you should be ready to pay big for it. Diamond jewelries don’t come cheap. Why should they… when they are so precious!

Some diamond stones have been known to sell for millions of dollars. There is nothing to it besides the effects that its various properties and qualities have on its market value. Sometimes they are good, and sometimes they are not so good, but most of the time, some poor sucker is happy to stake their money for it. And I wouldn’t blame them either. I would too, if I had many millions of dollars to spend on niceties.

Some substances cause color in diamonds. As you hold and view it, it gives off various different colors that draw you to it. This allows for peddlers to have a range of products to work with, and you a range to choose from.

Ballas is a type of diamond that is compact and spherical in shape, its also extremely hard, dark and features an imperfectly crystallized type of diamond. It is actually a mass of tiny diamond crystals that are fused together but this leads to a stone that is extremely hard and tough. You are not likely to find this in many places because it is rather scarce. In any case, not many jewelers will use it for jewelry because it is not a single crystal. Used industrially, you are not likely to see this as a diamond ring on the finger of a …

The Best Jewelry Making Techniques Are Easily Learnt From The Pros

If you’ve ever considered making your own  jewellery  but really didn’t know any of the  jewellery  making techniques that it takes to make your own necklaces, bracelets, earrings or any other kind of fashional piece , why not pick a book up on the subject? Or better yet, why not search the internet.
We live in the information age and there is great advice on how to make your own jewellery  all over the net, in fact if you want to know how to make great looking  jewellery , you just have to know where to look, and , of course, the best place to start when looking for  this kind of advice  is with your favorite search engine.

So, first step – Go Online!

Use your favorite search engine – probably google –  and search for ‘ jewelry  making techniques’. If you prefer, tailor the search to include your favorite type of  jewelry . So if, for instance, you are wanting to make Native American  jewelry , then you can simply search for ‘Native American  jewelry  making techniques’ and you will almost certainly be bombarded by thousands of great how-to articles on the subject.

Not only will you find the information about how  to make your own  jewelry , but you’re also most likely to find places to get the  jewelry  making materials as well as a history of how the  jewelry  first originated. By working in this way, you are essentially following in the footsteps of people who have already performed the task , as if you are discovering it for the first time.

Making your own jewelry can be a lot of fun, especially if you know the proper  techniques and you can opt to concentrate on making one particular type of  jewelry  or you can branch …

The Secrets of Diamond Jewellery

Did you know that diamonds are the birthstone of April? Know anyone with a birthday in April? Can’t think of what to get them? For the April-born, diamond jewellery really is the perfect gift then. It shows how much you care and how conscientious you are of when they were born (“See? I didn’t forget!”). It also shows how much you’re willing to spend on them, and if you’re willing to give that much to others, won’t they be willing to give you just as much in return? “Do unto others as you would have them to unto you.” Oh wait, that’s the Golden Rule, but it applies to diamonds too. What’s the Diamond Rule? Possibly that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. So friends can be bought after all. Then let us go buy them, and what better opportunity than a birthday?

Just kidding. Where can we find diamonds? Hey, let’s go to Just Gems, which is where fine bespoke diamond jewellery lives. Theres a whole diamond community there, where diamonds celebrate their diamond-ness. But why are diamonds so special? Diamonds are really, really tough for a start. Their name, “diamond,” comes from the ancient Greek word for “unbreakable.” so you know it must be hard. Diamond is also an allotrope of carbon, and it has very strong covalent bonds between its atoms. That’s why diamonds are so hard. Since they’re so hard, they’re difficult to contaminate, which accounts for their clear color. Diamonds also disperse light into a diverse array of pretty colors because of their high optical dispersion. That’s why they’re so lustrous. Diamonds are popular since they’re so all around awesome. Since they’re so cool, they even have other substances like cubic zirconia and silicon carbide trying to pass off as them. But diamonds are …