15 Simple Steps To Repair Broken Pearl Jewellery

The sensitive nature of the pearl necklace causes it to be susceptible in order to breaking whilst wearing this. If your own pearl pendant breaks, consider fixing it yourself before you decide to take it to some jeweler except for emergency repairs.

Whether you have to replace the broken clasp or restring the actual pearls, you should be able to repair this yourself if you know the basics.


1. Substitute Broken Clasp: Cut the actual knot from the thread between your broken clasp and also the closest gem. Discard the broken clasp.

2. Take away the pearl closest the clasp. Check to ensure the string is looks balanced after getting rid of the gem. Cut the actual thread, if necessary.

3. Tie a typical double knot securely using the thread in which the new clasp is going to be attached. Fray the end of the  thread on the exterior of the actual knot.

4. Place a dab of super glue about the tip of the frayed line. Put the actual crimp bead connector within the super glue as well as squeeze this tight while using pliers. Hold in position for thirty seconds, then put aside to dry for just one hour.

5. Open the actual diamond ring wide enough in order that it can fit within the connector, after that attach this.

6. Attach the actual clasp towards the jump diamond ring. Grasp the actual jump ring using the pliers as well as gently however firmly press the diamond ring together till it shuts completely.

Restring Pearls

7. Take away the clasp as well as pearls in the broken chain. Set the pearls aside within the same order these were removed.

8. Cut a bit of thread inside a color because close as you possibly can to that from the pearls. Cut the  thread around three times the space you wish the necklace to become.

9. Cut another bit of thread, about 10 inches long. Separate the actual 10-inch item into 4 thin strands. Place among the strands with the needle. Tie it inside a knot to create a loop with the needle’s attention.

10. Fold the bit of thread which will make upward your necklace in two. Insert the finish with both loose bits of thread with the loop about the needle’s attention.

11. Insert the actual threaded needle with the hole within the clasp as well as pull this through. Insert the actual needle back with the loop within the necklace thread to add the clasp towards the string. Tie a good double knot within the thread close to the clasp.

12. Working in reverse order, insert the actual needle to the hole from the last pearl which was removed in the original pendant. Gently slip the pearl completely down the actual thread.

13. Tie the actual thread in to an overhand dual knot directly close to the pearl to avoid it through rubbing towards other pearls as well as tarnishing their own finish. Restring all of those other pearls so as, tying the knot after each one of these.

14. Attach another piece from the clasp, tying the double knot within the thread in order to secure this.

15. Stop any additional thread as well as place a little drop associated with super glue about the end from the thread.

Ideas & Alerts· Purchase materials, such like a crimp bead connector along with a jump diamond ring, at the crafting or even fabric shop that offers jewelry-making materials.

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