May 2015

Cheap costume jewelry doesn’t have to look cheap!

Cheap costume jewelry doesn’t have to look cheap!

I don’t think there’s a woman alive who doesn’t love jewelry. We all have a few good pieces, but those precious gems and 24-karat gold are pricey. Besides, we don’t want to wear a diamond tennis bracelet to work and lose it on the metro! However, jewelry is the icing on the cake of any outfit. Costume jewelry is the solution for every day wear. Now, different women have different ideas about differentiating costume jewelry and cheap costume jewelry. There’s cheap, as in cheaply made and then there’s cheap, as in inexpensive. It’s the inexpensive type of cheap costume jewelry we’re after. The less you have to spend, the more jewelry you can have for those every day occasions. Here we have several suggestions on how to fill out your inexpensive cheap jewelry wardrobe, with fabulous looks.

Ethnic fashions are in vogue now and ethnic clothing shops are springing up all over, both online and downtown. These clothing shops always carry a line of ethnic jewelry to pair with their lineup of clothing. Typically, ethnic jewelry is not made of precious stones, or expensive metals. Here, you’ll find handmade costume jewelry made of local materials, with beads, jute, semi-precious stones or just plain glass. The price tag says this is cheap costume jewelry, but it looks lovely and unusual.

Craft fairs are great sources of cheap costume jewelry. Lots of costume jewelry designers rent booths at these craft fairs, bringing all of their inventory with them. Most of these designers don’t even have a shop, so they can sell their jewelry at a much better price than you’d pay in a shop at the mall. They work out of their homes, making handmade jewelry which is often one of a kind. If you make the rounds at the craft fairs, …

Just Found Out The Value of Promotional Advertising!

We’ve no doubt that every business owner, at some point, will wonder about how things might go if they were to choose to put some free gifts out there for their customers as promotional advertising. And, so with this thought in mind, we have recently embarked on a bit of a marketing charm offensive. The good thing about this form of advertising, it tturns out, is that its actually relatively inexpensive. Of course. those little gifts and souvenirs cost money and we certainly weren’t about to give away any of our diamond jewelry!! But, the big question was how were we to know whether it would actually work or not? After all, putting money out like this could put you on an expressway to the poorhouse if you’re not careful.

Well, after a bit of research and some great advice from our friends at Ashgrove Trading we discovered that there are actually several things you need to make sure of before you embark on any promotional advertising campaign. Some of these are really simple rules, and others require a bit more getting used to.

A lot of businesses will actually, it turns out, according to their advice, get caught up in the promotional advertising thing when it’s time to place an order for stuff. They will go right ahead and order 3000 promotional mugs, for example  with the company name emblazoned on them. Unfortunately, they don’t realize how much trouble it is giving them out to the right people so that the gifts will make a difference.

After they’ve finished handing 60 or 70 of them out, they get fed up. And the other 2930 mugs just sit there in some backroom in the company. One day, they’ll just hand them out to whoever will take them. Of course, …

What Are The Different Types of Diamonds?

There are so many types of diamonds, the choice could drive you crazy. The colorless ones are known as white diamonds, while other types are green, blue, red, orange, yellow, and brown. They vary in quality, and thence, in price. You want a necklace for your daughter’s wedding, just choose your pick… but of course, you should be ready to pay big for it. Diamond jewelries don’t come cheap. Why should they… when they are so precious!

Some diamond stones have been known to sell for millions of dollars. There is nothing to it besides the effects that its various properties and qualities have on its market value. Sometimes they are good, and sometimes they are not so good, but most of the time, some poor sucker is happy to stake their money for it. And I wouldn’t blame them either. I would too, if I had many millions of dollars to spend on niceties.

Some substances cause color in diamonds. As you hold and view it, it gives off various different colors that draw you to it. This allows for peddlers to have a range of products to work with, and you a range to choose from.

Ballas is a type of diamond that is compact and spherical in shape, its also extremely hard, dark and features an imperfectly crystallized type of diamond. It is actually a mass of tiny diamond crystals that are fused together but this leads to a stone that is extremely hard and tough. You are not likely to find this in many places because it is rather scarce. In any case, not many jewelers will use it for jewelry because it is not a single crystal. Used industrially, you are not likely to see this as a diamond ring on the finger of a …