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How To Make A Simple DIY Jewelry Frame

How To Make A Simple DIY Jewelry Frame

DIY time! I was browsing through the archives of the blog when I realized how long it’s been since I’ve posted a DIY tutorial.
I made this jewelry frame that holds my bracelets and necklaces on a random summer’s day last year and was a bit confused when I noticed I had never showed it on here before. This DIY is super easy and takes about 30 minutes if you’re not painting the frame!
What you’ll need:
  • A wooden picture frame
  • Paint (optional)
  • (square) screw hooks – choose as many as you want in the frame
  • a ruler
  • a pencil
  • a hammer

Let’s get started!

1- Remove everything in the middle of the picture frame so you’re left with the wooden border. You won’t need the glass or back cover for this DIY.

2- Fold the clips that held the picture in place – you know, those tiny ones at the back – so they are no longer be visible.

3- If you want, you can now paint the frame any colour you like. I chose not to because I already liked how the frame looked when I got it! Make sure to let the paint dry long enough before heading to the next step.

4- Once the paint has dried, measure and draw dots where you want the screw hooks to go. To give you a rough idea, I went for 7 cm between each hook in the horizontal row.

5- The final step is to screw in the hooks! Here’s where you might need the hammer in case the material of the frame isn’t soft enough.And that’s it!

This DIY is simple, but so much fun. There are dozens of variations to it, in shape, placement, materials. I’ve seen people make a jewelry holder with lace, rope, cork, …